Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

Alongside all the other things we’ve been doing (work, growing a baby), we’ve been quietly plugging away at the work we needed to do on the house. We moved in not quite 8 weeks ago (which feels like forever), and had 4 weeks before that working evenings and weekends as well. We’re pretty chuffed with our efforts so far.

We were totes like this.

We have:

  • Painted the front entrance cement surface and bought some pretty plants
  • Sanded (three times) all the skirting boards, architraves and door frames – this involved sanding back five layers of paint that had never been sanded before
  • Painted (mostly three times, but less where there is still work to do) the same
  • Chiseled the paint (again five layers) off the steel window frames and painted them three times
  • Replaced broken window panes, including puttying in new glass (this was meant to take thirty minutes with our friend, a glazier, and took three visits over a week)
  • Touched up paint where said painting went outside the lines
  • Painted the front door
  • Replaced all the door handles and locks
  • Installed downlights and new light fittings
  • Sanded all the floors
  • Replaced the kitchen benchtop
  • Replaced the oven, cooktop and dishwasher
  • Replaced the kitchen sink and tapware
  • Moved the pantry
  • Painted the kitchen doors and cabinets and replaced the knobs
  • Re-tiled the kitchen splashbacks (still some siliconing and grout sealing to go, and we need to install a new window sill)
  • Installed plantation shutters and Venetian blinds on ever window
  • Painted the mantelpiece
  • Built a walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • Painted the inside of the only hall cupboard, which hadn’t been painted since its first and only ever coat
  • Had a quote to landscape the front mudpatch – hopefully by the end of the year
  • About to mount the dryer on the laundry wall
  • Had two Ombudsman complaints about the gas supply … resolved after my terrier-like efforts

Not bad. I got far less done in my two weeks off than I planned, as most of it was spent on the couch with nausea and fatigue, but I’m still incredulous that a place that feels so much like home has actually been home for less than two months.

We’re also well underway in planning our bathroom reno, which makes me so happy I could cry. I’m not sure that the tenants before ever de-moulded it; it is so revolting that I wear thongs in the shower. Not tres chic.

We’ve found a lovely builder and have chosen these fittings:

This Felino vanity will be in reverse colours – white base with a dark stoney looking top. Can’t wait to have two basins!

Methven ‘Ovalo’ – love this range.

Shower/bath diverter.

Bath spout.

They’ll go with textured mocha floor tiles, white-ish wall tiles, and greeny glass feature tiles. We’re also installing a three doored mirrored medicine cabinet for desperately-needed space, and a half sized bath with the shower overhead. Not being bath people, but requiring a tub for small people and animals, we were very happy with the smaller one we had at our last house and went for the same this time. The floor tiles will continue through the laundry and toilet area (which is currently covered with a lovely set of green, white and black lino tiles) and a new toilet will be forthcoming if one can be found that will match our old plumbing.

After the bathroom project, the list is:

  • Install bookshelves in the living room
  • Waterproof garage
  • Move boxes from spare rooms to garage
  • Set up second bedroom/study
  • Insulate roof
  • Decorate nursery
  • Install dog door that won’t let the cats out
  • A bit of pottering in the garden. It’s currently bare and bogan, but is really the last of our priorities, especially in winter.

Can I do it all before the baby comes, in approximately 26 weeks?

You betcha.