A new style icon

I have a new style icon.

Not the Duchess of Cambridge, fabulous (but worryingly skinny) as she is, but the Duchess of Cornwall.`

She was a bit of a dish when she was younger. No wonder there was a spicy relationship with the young Charlie …

 … and I absolutely love that she and the Prince of Wales married after so many years of love from afar. Watching the Prince of Wales walk to his wedding with his brothers was lovely.

Her wedding outfit – particularly the hat – was fabulous.

Wedding dress by Anna Valentine and (imho) iconic headpiece by Philip Treacy.

She wears the classic trench with aplomb, whether it’s looking like she’s about to trim the rosebushes …

… or with pearls and heels to celebrate the Jubilee lunch (I want to try this look now).

And of course it’s Burberry.

She does a nice line in hats …

Hat by Philip Treacy.

… and she’s not afraid to recycle them! (The outfit below is from Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding and it’s appropriately gorgeous).

Coat and dress by Anna Valentine, and hat by Philip Treacy of course. She is loyal to winning combinations!

She has a sense of humour …

… and tastefully co-ordinates with the Prince of Wales.

Her jewellery is fit for purpose, whether it’s a big but not tackily blingy engagement ring in an elegant emerald cut, worn with joy…

The platinum ring belonged to The Queen Mother – what a lovely touch.

… a (dare I say it) regal tiara …

… or a totally knockout, cleavage-busting showstopper.

She has outdone herself this Jubilee. This outfit from the thanksgiving service at St Paul’s is both classic and slightly avant garde …

Coat dress by Bruce Oldfield and marvellous hat by Philip Treacy.

… she can definitely carry a big hat …

 … and she chooses colours that suit her age and colouring (take note, Chelsy).

Coat and dress by Anna Valentine, and another excellent hat by Philip Treacy.

Completely magnificent dress by Angela Kelly.