A Place for Everything

I’m Rachel (formerly Miss T and now Mrs B), the Director of A Place for Everything and general chatterbox. Hello!

I started this blog when I was beginning to develop my business, A Place For Everything Professional Organising. Now that I have other things occupying my time (the arrival of The Bunny for a start!), the business is a hopeful hobby and the blog is more for me.

Here’s what A Place for Everything is about – and hopefully will be one day.

About A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything offers organisation and coordination services. I can help you organise and order any part of your home or life, in a way that suits how you like to do things. I am an organisational geek, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be too! Nothing makes me happier than a good declutter, but my aim in working with you is to develop systems and storage that make your life smoother and more orderly, and that you can easily maintain on your own.

I am a new business, but I would love to speak with you about anything that I can help you with. Please feel free to shoot me an email at aplaceforeverythingservices@gmail.com or leave me a message here, and let’s see what we can make happen for you!

About Rachel

Mumma to my munchy-munchkin Alice (and three furbabies); married to the gorgeous Buzz; devoted Melbournite; and hopelessly devoted to organisation. I value quality over quantity but firmly believe that a little bit of trash is good for the soul! Drinker of coffee and beer; connoisseur of breakfasts; devoted to shopping (which sometimes necessitates living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget!); and devourer of books.

Thank you for stopping by!

(You can find my previous blog, Miss T Princess Vegan, over here … you know, just in case you can’t get enough).


2 thoughts on “A Place for Everything

  1. Hello gorgeous! I just know A Place for Everything is going to be a great success. Good luck with your new venture, I will be watching on with anticipation 🙂

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