Like sand through an hourglass, and other cheesy time-based metaphors

So much for my attempt to do a monthly round-up of Alice’s progress – ! did one and now she’s 4 1/2 months old! 

Suffice it to say that we still think she’s the bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas and just about the most interesting and fascinating thing in the world. We just love her to distraction. 


After her cousin Xander’s 1st birthday party (the first time she ever wore shoes). 

At 19 weeks Alice is a little dynamo! She loves to stand up with a little help and is able to do so for quite some time, and has been rolling back to front for weeks. She rolled tummy to back at 9 weeks and did that for a while before deciding it was old hat, but in her stubborn refusal to repeat herself she often finds herself in the frustrating position of having rolled from her back to her tummy and unable to get back. Howls of protest ensue, at which point she is turned … and rolls straight back over. Repeat, ad infinitum.


Ninja baby.

Feet! Feet are her latest discovery and she loses no opportunity to grab them with both hands. We were informed by my parents that she actually got a toe in her mouth while they were babysitting, but the performance has not been repeated for our benefit.

Speaking of which …  babysitting attempts to date (four) have rendered mixed results. Two daytime attempts, when I went to give a speech and while Buzz and I were test driving cars, went swimmingly. Two evening attempts have been unmitigated disasters, resulting in us returning home prematurely from our grown-ups-only dinners on Valentine’s Day and on our fifth anniversary. We’ll get there. 


We’re a mixed marriage. 

Alice thinks that sleep is for losers. During the day she reliably falls asleep in her car seat and her pram (once it was swapped to the big girl sitty-uppy seat from the hated flat bassinet), and often has what we’ve termed a post-prandial snoozette. However 2-3 naps of 20-45 minutes a day is average. For a blissful week this was absolutely fine while she slept through the night 10-7 (aaaaahhhh! Halcyon days!), but her four month vaccinations put paid to that. She’s been up on average 1-2 times a night between 10pm and 6am, giving one stretch of 3-4 hours only which is why her bedtime is 10 or 11pm – because we’d rather she sleep 10-2 than 7-11 then wake every two hours thereafter. Lately I’ve been bringing her into our bed at her regular 6am wake up for some ‘lying down boobie’ and she will then snooze and snack until 9 or 10am which is all very good except that I can’t leave her in our bed unattended so much as a regular sleep in would suit some people, it leaves me trapped in bed with only my phone for company, desperate for a coffee and busting for a wee! 


Superheroes for supergirls!

She does now sleep in her big girl cot in her big girl room, which was a surprise. We had intended to have her in her bassinet in our room for six months at least, but as she gew (and grew, skyrocketing from the 50th to 75th to 90th percentile) it became apparent that she wouldn’t physically fit in there much longer. I started trying to put her down in her cot for day sleeps at 16 weeks to ease the transition, expecting that she’d be able to fit in the bassinet until at least 4.5-5 months, but one evening she had a big sleep and it went so well that we just kept her in there … and off she went. Two nights later she started sleeping through and we were half bursting with pride and half bereft. It felt like she had left home and we were really quite sad, but also relieved that the transition happened so incredibly easily.



Alice this past week. 

She’s still a voracious snacker but despite her physical development being excellent, and her weighing in at 7.64kg at 19 weeks, she has as yet no interest in food and shows no signs of being ready. I will try to push out her time being exclusively breastfed to as close to six months as possible, being guided by her, but I’m already pretty apprehensive about the additional time burden of preparing solids while also breastfeeding. We are planning on following the Baby Led Weaning technique, which skips purees and mashes in favour of presenting steamed-to-squashiness chip-shaped vegetables and fruits to children to encourage exploration and fun in eating while they discover taste and texture. I’ve been warned to invest in a drop sheet as it’s extremely messy, which is apt as I was apparently dressed in a puddle suit during mealtimes with miles of drop sheets so I could be lifted up, plonked in the bath, stripped off and hosed down!

Alice is chatty and loves a conversation. Her increasing smiles and giggles are absolutely hilarious and her favourite game at the moment is ‘Aaaaah … Boo!’ which is played exactly as it sounds. She startles and then giggles, which leads me to think she might like scary movies later on, much to my chagrin. 


Alice captains her spaceship. 

Alice loves her ‘spaceship’ and happily bounces away to the sounds of “Abba Dabba Honeymoon” while chatting, but her all-time favourite is, and always has been, the inimitable Mr Sun. 


Mr Sun is Alice’s favourite anything ever.

Alice is quite the social butterfly and is happiest and most content when we’re out and about. She loves to take in the world around her and tends to be clingier and more irritable at home – obviously my company isn’t that scintillating! I’m very happy that she likes to go out and is happy to meet people and take it all in, but sometimes I suspect it’s a cop-out on my behalf as I don’t have to engage in the battle of naptime at home. 

She has also finally realised that when I blow raspberries on her it’s actually hilarious. 

ImageMummy is so funny (said Mummy)


Today (14 April): you are 4.5 months old. We went to Stacey and Jarrod’s housewarming today and you saw your friends Eva, Ivy, Oli, Ella, James and Charlie (see a pattern in girls’ names, Allie?). We are expecting new friends from Sarah, Stacey, Heloise and Ellie. You slept last night from 9.40 (early for you), had a dreamfeed at midnight, had a bottle of EBM at 3.50 with Dadda, had a feed at 6.20 in our bed, a snack at 8.00, and woke up around 9.30. We had a long rest together in the afternoon as I had a headache – you slept and snacked while I lay there awake and pinned by a dog on each side! 

At 4.5 months, Alice:

  • Weighs 7.64kg and is 65cm long – 90th percentile.
  • Still has long feet!
  • Wears 00 clothes (000 pants fit but are capris)
  • Definitely has blue eyes.
  • Has no teeth coming yet. 
  • Is not interested in food.
  • More people are saying looks like Dadda. 
  • Has a little bald patch on the back of her head. 
  • Has shown the Burrows Eyebrow!
  • Loves splashing in her bathtime with Dadda. 
  • Has very strong legs and loves to stand up.
  • Still doesn’t cry or grizzle very much – when wanting a feed, a cuddle or when she has had enough of something. 
  • Is very content to be left on her own for short periods than in the first two months of her life when she demanded human contact at all times. 
  • Is called Allie by Grandma, and Honeybun, Bunny, Munchkin, Munchy and mostly Bubba. 
  • After four months, Mummy and Daddy:

    • Think Alice is the most fascinating thing in the universe.
    • Are very sleep-deprived but managing quite well. 
    • Are still proud of their teamwork. 
    • Share the load overnight very well. 
    • Have attempted two dinners alone at a restaurant and finished their meals both times before the emergency call from Grandma and Grandpa came through. 
    • Were very impressed with Alice’s first trip away (two nights in Torquay for a wedding).
    • Are getting a bigger car because no one expected that such a little baby would require such a lot of metal around her!
    • Mummy (obviously) entertains herself by making photo collages of your funniest and cutest moments,