One of the most frustrating things about being a vegan who does not reject materialism, consumerism, and Satan and all his wordly goods is that I have effectively barred myself from just about every good quality shoe and bag ever made. Even where there are better quality non-animal materials available I just can’t imagine Chanel deciding to do a 2.55 in PVC (although if you’re reading, Karl, there is a market out there – mostly me – and I commit to buying at least one a year).

I give myself a fair bit of latitude when it comes to shoes, wallets and bags – if I see something I like in a non-disgusting material I don’t tend to quibble too much, because it’s not like I have many options. And it’s not enough to just buy something functional – I have an EnviroSax and some trainers for that – I want to have something nice. I want something stylish. I want something I’m happy to be seen with. And I don’t want it to look like an el cheapo piece of tacky rubbish.

Over the last few years I’ve bought a few Guess handbags when they’ve fitted the bill. Many I’ve seen are absurd and gaudy and covered in blingy over-decoration, but there’s also a strong line in more restrained and grown-up bags too. They’re also made fairly well for what they are, using sturdy materials and so far I haven’t had any construction disasters.

All of this is meant to introduce the idea that in a small addendum to Operation Pick-Me-Up I bought a new handbag.

Funnily enough, it breaks many of my ‘rules’ around handbags: it’s deeper than it is wide, which usually leads to rummaging in the depths for everything that’s sunk to the bottom; it’s narrower at the top than the bottom, which reduces internal capacity and makes sticking one’s arm in to undertake said rummaging quite uncomfortable; and it’s black, a colour I have very much rejected in handbags for the last ten years or so. I just thought it was too boring.

But I really really like it, and it has the cutest lining. I think that against the odds, we’ll make it.

The ‘Nixa’ range also has a couple of other variations that I really like, a box satchel with fantastic folded-in edges, and a framed small/evening bag that I would love to take home except that I think that my opportunities to actually use an evening bag over the next few years will be limited.

I quite like the green colourway as well, and love the structured edges.

The lining is adorable!

I was also tempted by this patent hobo but sanity prevailed.

Buzz asked if I bought a black bag to go with my new black sunglasses. He’s quite perceptive. But I’m not ruling out that little framed bag either.


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