Attention to detail: Saturday shopping

I’ve been feeling like things have been a little less than our usual standards of glamour, polish and presentation around Schloss Buzz lately. Not that those standards really extend much past basic maintenance and hygiene, but the dark depths of winter (not to mention the growing belly) have encouraged forest-like growths of hair on the lower extremities and a complete lack of attention to the hooves, and the boring repetition of the same maternity clothes day after day, work and play, has made me feel less than special.

Combined with a natural focus on spending all the spondulicks on The Bunny and none on The Mama, I really felt like a little attention to me wouldn’t go astray. Nothing fancy, mind, just a few little pick-me-ups to encourage some time being spent on neglected areas.

So Priceline it was.

Completely out of face wash, and ready to take a break from Proactiv, I bought this Grown Geranium Leaf, Bergamot and Rosebud facial cleanser. I love Grown as a more cost-effective alternative to Aesop (who I know feel a bit put out by Grown’s similarity to them, but they both tick my ‘no animal ingredients or testing’ policy, they both smell nice, and they both look nice, so for every day items cost becomes a deciding factor).

I also got a facial exfoliator to slough off any build up. I haven’t used A’kin/A’lchemy products for a while but hope this jojo (jojoba?) and corn one works better than the use of corn might suggest.

I also got a bottle of rosehip oil from Sukin. I know that the Trilogy one is a bit cult-ish but I’ll always choose to support a company that puts the word ‘vegan’ on their products.

It’s probably no secret (at least I hope not) that L’Oreal are terrible animal testers and that their products are verboten from my beauty regime. However, a couple of years ago they released a range that they labelled as vegan, and after I turned it over in my mind a few times, I decided to give it a go (my thoughts at the time are here). I stopped using the products anyway because I didn’t think they were much chop compared to my usual Nature’s Organics, but in the interests of breaking out of a winter rut, I gave an anti-frizz conditioner and serum a go.

L’Oreal EverPure Smooth Serum.

I also got in early for summer preparation with these:

I love the bows (toned down by the monochrome), and was almost tempted by a pair with graduated lenses and green bows but they were a bit much in the end. These sleekies provide a great counterpoint to my other pair of most-used sunnies, my white, navy and red Gucci aviators, which have just had their second re-lensing with a harscore 80s-style mirrored lens after I managed to scratch them again (sadly, the other sunnies mentioned in that post, the Tom Ford ‘Rickies’, have proven to be agonising to wear despite adjustments. I just keep them for special events now when I’m willing to suffer for style).

So that was my Saturday morning. I’m yet to try my new products because we also had to hightail it to Bunnings to buy and instal a new bathroom blind after our neighbour informed us that our bathroom window is see-through at night despite the rippled glass and that she’s known for ages but has been too embarrassed to tell us (as though that has made our embarrassment any less!). Buzz has been most manfully putting the blind up and is now ensuring that our newly built bookshelves are securely attached to the wall, and we have a lovely night of pizza and TV planned. Life is good.


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