Sundays and friends.

Something I love about this stage of life is that Sunday afternoons are often when we go to our friends’ children’s birthday parties. They’re mostly 1 this year and all the parents and friends get a chance to catch up while watching the next generation play together. I’ve known most of these friends for twenty years, and many of them have known each other much longer, and it’s so nice to see all the kids forming those special friendships you have with people you’ve known all your life. I love that we’re all reaching this stage together and sharing it. I love that we had all our wild nights together when we were younger (and occasionally still now) but that now we all like a good glass of wine or a cuppa sitting with friends and watching the kids. We talk about how one day when the kids are teenagers we’ll be calling to tell each other that your kid kissed my kid, or I picked your kid up drunk from the party you told them not to go to that they went to with my kid and they’re in my spare room snoring so not to worry, or that we’ll all be the embarrassing uncles and aunties who ‘chaperone’ their teenage ‘gatherings’ while hitting the red wine and dancing like fools to 90s pop in the loungeroom. That’s real friendship. 

Singing Happy Birthday to dear friends’ children is a privilege of getting older. 


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