With Melbourne’s disgustingly long bout of wild and wet weather this winter my mind has turned to winter apparel and in particular the need for dry feet. I don’t spend much time tramping through mud (except in our front yard which is nothing more than a ditch at the moment) but I have developed a slavering hunger for a pair of Hunter wellies.

They had a bit of a trend revival a few years ago, via Sloane Streetand into urban warrior territory, but I am a sucker for traditional brands that embrace a bit of modern attention and ride hell for leather into fashionability (compare Burberry’s success, chavness aside, to the recent collapse of Aquascutum).

Surely my future maternity leave will include long walks o’er hill and dale, or at least taking the dogs to the park, which necessitates appropriate footwear?

Here are some in the running and some not in the running:

Original Tall – 79 pounds

The quintessential: the Original Tall style in a classic forest green.

Launched in 1956, the Original has become THE iconic wellington boot, and is recognised the world over.  Each pair is handmade from 28-parts to ensure the best fit possible and given a classic design of British sensibility.

Or in less classic colours … 

Original Great – 95 pounds

Original Gloss – 85 pounds.

Fancy a bit of patriotism?

Original Brit – 125 pounds

Hunters also come in other ranges of styles and purposes. A larger calfed style (a bit more squat to be honest) is the Huntress, which is shown here in the classic green …

Huntress – 79 pounds

… and here in the almost-as-classic metallic! These would be incredibly awesome wedding shoes for a farm wedding.

Huntress Metallic – 85 pounds

A slimmer fit, for those of us  (or more accurately, those of you) with twig-like calves, is the Regent.

 Based on a classic equestrian last, the Regent collection symbolises fashion, style and comfort.  Providing a flattering silhouette with a slim-fit and sleek upper, the Regent collection includes both functional and fashion styles. 

Regent Savoy – 125 pounds

Regent St James Tweed – 125 pounds.

Tweed for extra warmth, but perhaps less useful in the mud.

Regent Montpellier – 195 pounds

Or leopardskin for extra pizzazz!

There are also more practical ranges, including the Balmoral, Argyle and snowshoe collections, as well as seasonal collections more targeted to festival goers. None of them quite float my boat though …

Original Big Brand – 85 pounds

Aubrey – 68 pounds

But I am sorely tempted by these Chanel-esque ballet slippers! So can I justify the price? Would I actually wear them? Is it slightly ridiculous for an avowed urbanite to wear them to the shops? I think the answers are no, no and yes … but I make no promises!


2 thoughts on “Hunting.

  1. I want a pair of these so badly! I am planning on a black pair or a hunter green (hehe) pair. Though, having seen the chanel-esque flats, they’re on my wishlist now, too.

    • How cute are the flats! I think they may be my way to get a pair without feeling stupid about trudging around in full-blown boots at the supermarket pretending like I’m someone who actually ever walks in mud. I like the synchronicity of hunter green Hunters 🙂

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