Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Oh my giddy aunt.

I have discovered the most joyous of all events.

It’s a hot shower in your own bathroom in your own home.

(Excuse the iPhone photos; it was all I was up to).

Before. WiIl you just look at the lovely colour scheme.

When we moved into our new home it was disgustingly evident that the previous tenants had never cracked out the bleach or Easy Off Bam. There was mould in the crevices of the shower screen and the grout that once sat between the back of the vanity and the tiles behind was now a black strip of putrid rot. Our shiny white-ish tiles showed every speck of dirt no matter how often they were swept and mopped. The bath presumably leaked, juding by the cracks in its cheap plastic bottom. The pipes squealed when the shower was called into action and each tap required delicate nudging throughout the shower to ensure a steady flow. There was no storage – our possessions sat sadly in shopping bags in the bath.

It was vile. I never went in there without shoes on and I never showered without thongs. It was first and foremost on my list of renovations.

Oh the trim. It made me gag.

We were lucky enough to happen upon some great builders on our first phone call. A father and son team, I dealt with the son who spent a lot of time walking me through their approach and providing advice before I even committed to the project, and whose speedy return phone calls and emails were fan-bloody-tastic. If anyone in Melbourne is after a reliable, responsive and good quality building team, I am more than happy to recommend them.

During. An improvement already!

The bathroom build started in mid-June and for two weeks we had tradies trooping in and out every day. Our cats were in a cattery and I’d take the dogs to my parents’ house each morning and pick them up after work, taking advantage of my parents’ shower while I was there. All things considered, it was inconvenient but not greatly, although brushing our teeth over the kitchen sink got old fast.

During. I thought once the shower was taken out it would reveal a gaping vortex to hell.

Despite a hiccup with The Narrowest Bath In The World, we ended up being delayed by only a couple of days. It was the next two weeks when we had a fully functional bathroom but no shower screen (and therefore no use of the shower) that was toughest, although we’d been warned that having the screen measured to fit would be time-consuming but worthwhile.

Before. We also had a charming toilet suite with original tiles … and asbestos.

Before. Lino tiles in the laundry – the owners even considerately left us some spares in case we liked them so much we wanted to extend their spread.

And it is. We’ve been shower-functional for about a week and a half now, and the ease and joy of being able to use a clean, shiny, relaxing and functional bathroom at will makes me happy beyond all measure.

After. I haven’t finished painting the window frames.


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