I’ve gone viral.

I’m home sick with a virus. It’s quite good actually; I was worried that I was feeling so wretched because of the pregnancy but knowing I am sick-sick means that I will get better, it will go away, and I won’t feel like this for the next few months. Phew!

So with doctorly approval, I’ll be home for a grand total of 5 days (including the public holiday) and intend to do zilch that doesn’t fit in with the very real definition of ‘cocooning’:

Cocooning: staying at home, keeping warm, sitting on the couch, napping, drinking hot drinks, eating comfort food, watching TV, entertaining self with the internet, avoiding housework, and exclusively wearing trackie-daks*.


*for non-Australian readers: trackie-daks = tracksuits.  Consider yourself educated. 


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