There’s a few things floating around in my wishlist at the moment. In no particular order:

1) Garden

Our garden is optimistically named. Accurately, it’s a mudpatch. With a car parked on the front patch of mud bogan-style (don’t worry, we have a landscaping quote). I love beautiful gardens but hate gardening, so it appears that something acceptable is a long way  (or a professional gardener) away).

One of my favourite memories is a day spent on Capri some years ago – the sun shone but didn’t burn and we hiked to Anacapri while the scent of gardens and lemons carried up upwards to views that stopped the heart. We stopped for lemon-lime granitas on the way down, and paddled in the warm sea.

I know I’ll never live that day again, but the climbing plants and sweet scents stayed with me. I want a tropical garden (as much as the climes of Melbourne will sensibly allow), and bought this book as inspiration:

My favourite swoony garden book.

Hours were spent poring over the pages (hours spent actually in the garden starting work to create anything: nil).

My garden will (it will!) have bougainvillea tumbling over the fence, cocos palms, bromeliads, wisteria, jasmine, agapanthus and honeysuckle.

Tumbling bougainvillea.

The view I really want …

2) Dinnerware

I love a beautifully set table, but haven’t yet begun collecting a ‘good’ set of dinnerware and silverware.

Current dinner sets in contention include:

Royal Doulton Signature Blue

Royal Doulton Signature Blue

Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Pinstripe:

Jasper Conran Pinstripe

Jasper Conran for Wedgwood Navy Fringe:

Jasper Conran Navy Fringe

I think the Pinstripe and Navy Fringe would work beautifully together, but my concern with all of these sets (perhaps less with the Royal Doulton) is that they are a bit ‘current’ and would cease to be produced. If I spend years and years and $ and $ collecting a ‘good’ set that I want to leave to my granddaughters, will they be able to pop out and get a replacement tea cup when one of their guests inevitably drops one after a few too many wines? And if it’s the type of set that isn’t allowed to be used when drinking is likely because it’s ‘too good’, then I’m not interested. Beautiful things should be used. I once saw an episode of Clean House where a woman had a full set of Limoge dinnerware (and silverware!) that had never been used. Sacre bleu!

Perhaps I’d be better going for something classic and unlikely to be discontinued like this Royal Doulton Signature Platinum set:

Royal Doulton Signature Platinum

Silverware seems a real luxury. I feel like it should be a traditional design but haven’t really got any idea about what I’d like. Maybe it would be best to plunder a deceased estate sale for something appropriately aged.

3) Sparklies

I have little to say on this at this point, but I have in my mind’s eye something beautiful, sparkly and sentimental. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a blogger whose style I admire recently gathered a similar thing, but ever-so-slightly different to how I would do mine. Plans are afoot.

4) Bookshelves

In our last house my pride and joy was this set-up:

Shelves. Ahhhh! (Heavens knows why the real estate agent took photos of white cords hanging over the back of the couch though).

My bookshelves. I traipsed to every Ikea that was then open in Victoria to get each and every component. I lovingly edited, collated, cross-referenced and styled each shelf. It contained my treasures, both physical and literary.

In this house we’ve got less space now than we did before (even though before was a flat and now is a house!), and so far have not installed the bookshelves that we so desperately need in the living room. Not all of my treasures can live in the open in the new house, but I long to take my favourites and bring them out into our living space.

I haven’t, however, been able to steel myself for a trip to Ikea. When we do however:

Billy, oh Billy.

Billy is the classic bookshelf.

I could even hack it:

5) Forrester

My car is great. Zippy, reliable, comfortable and safe. But I crave a bit more space – or maybe it’s the soccer mom coming out. I want this:

Subaru Forrester

Or even better, this:

Volkswagen Touareg

6) Soft furnishings

On a more attainable note, I love these  ’50s chic cushions from escapetoparadise.com.au and think they’d look great with our plantation shutters. I’d also get some of the laminated cushions to go with the Adirondack chairs that *will* be mine.

Lifestyle cushion with palm trees

Oasis cushion in ohana fabric

Oasis cushion with palm trees in black

Sanctuary cushion with aloe palms

I know that I don’t have to add anything saccharin like “My wishlist includes a healthy baby, lots of love, and peace on earth”.


2 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. That’s quite a list! Loving the garden concept and the cushions! My only hesitation with anything platinum rimmed, is that from memory, you can’t put it in the dishwasher – you need to handwash. The Vera Wang was all the rage in 2008 when we were getting married (sooo long ago ha ha), but the idea of handwashing turned me off and made me think “I bet if I chose that for the registry, I’d never use it”. We went for the Wedgwood Night & Day, which is an all white dinner setting with textured finishes (hard to explain) for interest. You can also buy a few items in black, for contrast (like a few serving bowls, platters and espresso cups and saucers). We pulled the setting out last Wednesday to celebrate the new dining table (for an otherwise pretty casual meal) and it was great because it could all be stacked in the dishwasher after dinner. http://www.petersofkensington.com.au/Public/catalog/searchresults.aspx?search=wedgwood%20night%20and%20day

    • Wise words! I think I’ve heard that about platinum too, but I would baulk at the gold-rimmed set. I could honestly never go with a dishwasher unfriendly set; our dishwasher broke this week and it’s been tough enough bringing myself to handwash a normal amount of dishes! I think I know the set you mean and it’s lovely – some with checks around the edges? Love the idea of some contrasting servingware – also much easier and cheaper to update!

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