Realistic ambitions.

Last night I was so proud of my householdy achievements. A burst of energy spurred me on.


  1. Helped cook dinner;
  2. Unloaded a load of dried clothes from the dryer into the laundry basket;
  3. Put on a wash of dirty clothes; and
  4. Put that load in the dryer and turning it on.

I was thrilled.

Why yes, during pregnancy my goals have changed. I genuinely considered that to be a productive and satisfying evening’s work, even if I did hit the wall at 8pm.

Realism is the name of the game.


2 thoughts on “Realistic ambitions.

  1. It’s quite amazing the feeling of euphoria, when you leave the worst of the first trimester exhaustion and nausea behind. Simple achievements are definitely to be celebrated. It’s funny how simple achievements are also a big deal in the first 6 weeks of motherhood – I saw a lactation consultant, and apart from putting me on track with the BF’ing, she was also a bit of a saint with useful advice and words of wisdom. She told me that if I set myself one achievable goal a day (something simple, like going for a walk, doing 20 minutes of ironing, baking some biscuits) and managed to complete it, I’d feel so much better about things. She was right! (BTW: you will probably go completely nuts with nesting at some stage and then you will feel a ridiculous burst of energy that grips you with something akin to mania. It is weird, but you will get a lot done!)

    • So true! Last night I did more housework than I have in the last three months, and it felt great to have achieved anything at all, even though it would usually just be a normal amount (I didn’t sugar soap the walls or anything). I’m hoping that I can have a few more normal days now and that the lethargy will diminish … but a few evenings spent curled up in front of the heater not doing anything are pretty good too 🙂

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