You Are My Sunshine

It’s been a long time coming … but there’s a reason.

This gorgeous set is en route to us. It's from GusAndLola on

This gorgeous set is en route to us. It’s from GusAndLola on

Remember when I said:

“…planning our wedding and the five week overseas honeymoon thereafter, (returning) home, gotten a promotion and started work in a new area in which I have no content knowledge, continued studying, applied for a home loan with all the hair-tearing that goes with it and … bought a house! … Organising the financials and settlement, planning for a month-long renovation on the new house, organising tenants for our current flat, and organising the actual move … I believe this is called Gluttony (Punishment)”.

Clearly I am more than a glutton because to all this you may add:

“ … conceive, discover you are pregnant halfway through renovating house, move house at 6 weeks with nausea and exhaustion”.

Yes there’s a little organiser on the way – we are thrilled but I have to admit the first trimester has knocked me for six! I didn’t even have the hideous vomiting that many have, but I have been nauseous, dry retching, have had massive food aversions, and then knackered to boot. I really don’t know how mums with small kids keep everything going when they’ve got tiny monsters running around! I tips me lid to them – they are truly organisational gurus.

So what next for A Place For Everything? It’s still my baby but now not the one I’ll prioritise. I’ll keep plugging away and looking forward to the day when it is fully born and when I can lavish all the love and devotion on it that a newborn deserves. But it will be a long pregnancy and something that I’ll try to keep a hand in more than actually nurture and develop for a while. My commitment to organising, planning, and keeping things running will only be challenged and developed by the arrival of a screaming, puking, pooping, spewing bundle of loveliness! I’m sure I’ll have other things to keep me busy 🙂


5 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. I’m sure your natural organisational abilities will translate to being a highly-motivated mummy, my dear friend. Such fantastic news and looking forward to sharing the journey of parenthood with you and the Mister. You can put list-making to good use, with all of those pre & post birth requirements too!

  2. Wow I go AWOL for a little while and come back to find this wonderful news!!! Congratulations ***HUGS*** I’m so happy for you both. And although it’s hard, many of my close friends have moved/renovated whilst pregnant and although it can be hard they’ve ALL assured me it was a blessing in disguise to be going through the process whilst pregnant rather than with a newborn 🙂 It sounds as though everything really is falling into place beautifully for you guys. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    • Thanks Lilian! Yep there were definitely changes afoot, but I absolutely agree – better to do it all now while I can be entirely self-centred and have Buzz care for me, than when I have to put a small life form first in all things! I am feeling great now and getting increasingly excited about the next few months … eep! (Not that you too don’t have some VERY EXCITING EVENTS coming up!!). xR

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