What I did on my holidays.

Today’s haul from Woodbury Common Premium Outlet. Buzz didn’t do too badly either.

Further installments to be titled ‘The Day I Bankrupted My Progeny’, ‘Why I Acquire Slightly Trashy Shoes’ and ‘My Revelation About Why I Go Nuts For Jewellery’ to come – once I’ve recovered and had quite a few drinks.


Top Row L to R:
Kenneth Cole Reaction gold cork wedges
Kenneth Cole Reaction nude patent pumps
Kenneth Cole Reaction black patent pumps (work)

Middle Row L to R:
Nine West black strappy heels (work)
Nine West black patent Mary-Jane pumps (work)

Front Row L to R:
J.Crew black ballet flats
J.Crew floral ballet flats

Calvin Klein black cape with gold detailing
Cartier Tank Francaise, medium, second-hand (Check that one off the Life Acquirements List)


7 thoughts on “What I did on my holidays.

  1. Oh wow what a gorgeous haul! I love the cape and the shoes and… a Tank! I loves me a Tank, what a fantastic investment (yes, I do still believe things like that can be an investment). I’m so living vicariously through you right now *grin*

    • Yay! I think it’s an investment too – since 1917 and still top o’ the pile!

      And tbh, I am recording my lavish spending now so that in the future I can live vicariously through me too!

      And … I’ve written a response to your tag twice and twice frigging WordPress has lost it, so I’m mentally re-working it until I can bear to re-type it. It’s coming!!

      • Why on earth did I come up as Rachel Burrows? WordPress does my head in truly with its bloody names. On WordPress blogs I can comment as misstempleman but on Blogger I can only use aplaceforeverythingblog, which is confusing enough, but now my real name coming up?! I mean it’s on my profile so it’s not a secret but geez Louise! A bit of consistency!

  2. Oh don’t stress about the award! These things should be FUN!!! I can’t believe you’ve lost it twice, my last nerve would already be shot if I had done that. Perhaps your pain tolerance is high at the moment with all of the post wedding glow going on? 😉

    Please post some pics up close of your gorgeous new watch on your wrist when you have time… I want to drool 😉

  3. Oh I think it’s been about 20 years since I came home with a haul like that, sweet!
    And yes, you hit the nail on the head, I sold my Cartier stainless steel tank, bought the gold croc one and now my rings don’t match and yes that upsets my equilibrium!

    • Oh Tabitha, that would do my head in! But of course having a gold Tank would help ease the same pain that it caused …

      I have to admit that I am currently sporting a white gold/SS arm (left) and a mixed white gold/yellow gold/citrine/tortoiseshell/black/ivory arm on the right. I think it works … just.

      It was an excellent haul (and haul it around I did), and I can totally justify all the shoes because it is so hard to find decent non-leather shoes at home that I am totally allowed to buy any I see if I want while OS … right?! 😉

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