A night of firsts.

On our monthiversary (one month of wedded bliss), we hightailed it to Candle 79 for a slap up dinner.

A couple of Acquisitions had their maiden voyage: my Burberry olive sateen evening jacket that I practically stole from Nordstrom Rack it was so reduced (68% off); and a new cheap but adorably cute pair of Madden Girl by Steve Madden heels.

Also revealed to the adoring public for the first time was my night time RHR (NTRHR, not to be confused with One’s day time RHR or DTRHR), which I haggled (somewhat) for in NYC’s Diamond District on W 47th St. It’s a smokey quartz (nothing fancy) surrounded by two haloes of white and cognac diamonds (which are my favouritest part; Sass I’m thinking of you here), set in rose gold. I have to admit I’m pretty swayed by the size of baubles and this one is definitely on the knuckleduster scale. I can’t link on the iPad but once I can I’ll link to the shop I went to, as they were good to deal with and not at all pushy unlike many of the dealers on 47th.

As a side note: I researched this, both vendor and stone. When you go to the Diamond District, unless you’re in the market for serious bling of such magnitude that reputations ride on it, it’s pretty much caveat emptor and I wasn’t prepared to go and deal entirely on trust.

Speaking of serious bling, apart from the big kids on 5th Ave where you would expect to see bird egg sized rocks, I have never seen so many 10 carat plus ginormo-stones ever as I have in 47th. Really puts Australia’s market in sharp perspective. Eeeek.

*Why yes, that is my husband brushing his teeth in the background of photo 1.





8 thoughts on “A night of firsts.

  1. *DIES* I love your NTRHR!!! That is absolutely stunning! I love a good smokey quartz. One of my sister’s loves brown tones and I’ve bought a few smokey quartz pieces for her over the years. I think it’s beautiful and look at the sparkles around it! You must be beyond excited with all of the goodies you are bringing home 🙂

    The size of rocks in NYC is ridiculous, isn’t it? I remember a conversation with Aunt where she was telling me what to expect when I was looking in the “bottom end” of the diamond market. When I asked her what was considered the bottom end, she said anything under 3-4 carats *LAUGHS* I was like well then I’ll be shopping in the gutter undernearth the bottom end.

    Happy 1 month anniversary… wow time flies!

    Also, I’ve awarded you a little “Versatile Bloggers Award”… you can see the details on my most recent post (it’s basically a tag and you’re it kind of thing). You don’t need to participate (you need time to SHOP!!!), but I thought I’d send the invite anyways 🙂

  2. Oh my god, I felt like such a tourist gawker looking at those rocks! But with your gorgeous diamond I’m sure it was even more exciting to be there :). To be quite honest though, I just don’t think I could ever pull off a 10 carat diamond – nothing about me screams “This is obviously real because just look at how expensive the rest of me is” and I think it would look like I was rocking a Diva plastic special!

    Thanks so much for the tag; I’ve responded on your blog too and will start trying to think of anything vaguely interesting about myself! xR

  3. Hot tail it to Hollywood Style for a 10 carat “diamond”. Ha ha

    Gorgeous new addition, Rach. You are really hitting your stride in NYC! Can’t wait to see it in real life – especially the cognacs. The iPhone photos don’t really do it justice!

    Hope you are having a ball, and let me know when you have that bottle of champagne. Although with the AUD back to parity, you might need to add some of your own dollars. BOO!

  4. We’ve locked in the (your) champers for Saturday night Sass! Thought we’d save it for our last night out 🙂 Think we’re going to the Rooftop Bar!!!
    Definitely loving the shopping. Cheap, plentiful and unavailable at home! I thoroughly recommend that Sweetpea’s arrival be celebrated with a trip to the Big Apple … hint hint great big elbow and nudge, Mr Sass!

  5. I hope you enjoyed your Champagne Saturday!
    Ha, yes I haven’t been to NYC since I was a relatively poor student, so I don’t think I can really compare my shopping experiences with yours!
    Mr Sass has a conference in Peru in 2015 (yes, a long 4 years away) but we are already discussing the idea of meeting him in Nth America for a bit of a family holiday. Who doesn’t love a good road trip with kidlets in tow? Ha ha

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