In the trenches.

An exciting new purchase, entirely unplanned but longed for.

I love classic pieces, the kind that you can happily hand down to daughters with pride that your choices have stood the test of time. I would die happy if my granddaughters, fossicking through my wardrobe, hauled out pieces to wear themselves (and thought their grandma was awesomely cool).

The trenchcoat is a classic. Emerging literally from the trenches, its utilitarian origins have ensured that form has followed function – in my opinion a hallmark of real style – and its continued use in both classic and reimagined styles has kept it top of the totem pole.

Burberry, despite their chavvy connotations of late, are the ultimate purveyors of the trench. Their coats stand the test of time both stylistically and literally. My mum bought a wool coat in London in the 70s which is still pristine and chic, and I have a calf-length grey-blue trench which must be at least 35 years old and, with some mending of the cotton lining, is holding its shape perfectly and is a regular in my coat rotations.

Strolling through Greenwich Village I wandered into the Burberry Brit store, Burberry’s diffusion line, and honed in on some reasonably priced trenches. The SA took us downstairs where the main line Burberry range was available for comparison, and I was pleasantly surprised that that price difference was not prohibitive, which expanded my choices considerably.

I was originally very tempted by a Burberry Brit trench in a light coffee colour, similar enough to the classic camel/honey but dark enough for me. I often feel that as a light blonde (natural, daaaahling*) with a tan (from hols in Sorrento of course*) that wearing lots of pale colours makes me look like a giant caramel swathed in a tea-stained sheet. Sure enough, despite the very Frenchy vibe I got from the coffee, I turned to black. On a practical note, I should also add that I am a total grub who can’t be trusted to wear light colours because I will dribble food, splash toothpaste or smudge eyeliner on things before I even leave the house, and that I hope that the next few years of my life will involve a number of small people who drool, vomit, play in mud and have sticky fingers and dirty nappies. Camel is just not a colour that will survive.
*these are terrible lies

I loved the gabardine of the main Burberry line range, and being part of the full heritage of the brand. What won me, however, were the zip pockets and sleeves of a black Burberry Brit trench, which are a bit … zippier? … and also very practical. Et Voila! I am joined by my lovely new trench, a size too big to allow for underclothes, beautifully cut and constructed, and sure to be paraded around by my granddaughters.

Photos 1 and 2

Trench is belted with a knot as per instructions from the Hero, Maggie Alderson
My unfortunate trademark of wet dog hair
Shoes: Crocs
Jeans: Hudson
Watch: Raymond Weil

Photo 3
Trench is pinned back for an open look
Shoes: Converse light in optical white
Jeans: Hudson
Belt: Portmans
Jumper: Petit Bateau
Sunglasses: Gucci
Watch: Toy
Jewellery: you know the drill





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