They call me mellow; We all live in a; It was all.

I think I feel a new accent colour coming on.

Yellow adds a bright splash to my frequent navy-white-red combo, or a tonal highlight to my other olive-neutral-browns.

I have to be careful about this bright yellow blouse though; if I team it with too much black I look like a bumblebee, and if I work it back with too much white I look like a fried egg.

This new bag is made by the touch of dark, almost orangey yellow, and the green-undertoned neutrals are a good way to incorporate the snakeskin trend without looking like you’ve slithered yourself into a python casing. Blerk.

I do think that although I love the colour of these jeans, having been a couch potato for a month has made my thighs look like overstuffed chorizo in them. These daily photos are quite motivating.

Shoes: Crocs
Jeans: Lee Riders
Belt: Macy’s
Singlet: Target
Blouse: Barkins
Blazer: Cue
Bag: Guess
Scarf: Old Navy
Jewellery: nothing new.




2 thoughts on “They call me mellow; We all live in a; It was all.

    • Thank you Jen! I didn’t set out to gather yellowness, but it just happened as I was drawn to certain items. I think I’ll try it out with navy and pale greys too. I love the sunshine it brings!

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