Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m ashamed to admit an organisation fail. It’s 9:11am, we’ve been at the airport for about 40 minutes, and our flight doesn’t leave until 2:20pm. Yes I misread the itinerary and didn’t double-check.

Luckily I am comfortably but not too sloppily dressed. I long for a return to the days of glamourous travel, but am frankly too much of a devotee to comfort to dress to the nines just so I can sit ravenous, squashed into a fairy-sized seat, desperate to go to the loo but unable to wake the sweating behemoth next to me (not Buzz!), pinned in by a tray table and blocked by a drinks trolley in the aisle. Add a tight and scratchy outfit to that and the Air Marshals may need to be called.

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Lights in Optical. Classics.
Jeans: Hudson
Singlet: one of my bulk-bought Target specials.
Top: Indigo. Wish I’d bought two. Oh I did.
Watch: Toy.
Chunky Kate Spade cuff.
All other jewellery the usuals.

Excuse lack of photographic focus. It was early and pre-coffee.



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