Back in Black

Today’s outfit for a 28 degree day to wander around Harvard. All black to make myself appear like a Foucault-reading intellectual.

Going out with wet hair is an unfortunate trademark.

Shoes: old comfortable Novos.
Jeans: Hudson
Belt: cheapie from Macy’s. One day we’ll talk about the frustration of finding good quality non-leather belts.
Top: cheapie from Old Navy.
Watch: Toy
Sunnies: Tom Ford
All other jewellery the daily stalwarts.





6 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. I like the wet hair – it’s tres appropriate for an institution of higher education! You can pretend that you are a Classics student that has just stumbled out of your dorm… Love the Harvard grounds – The Yard is so lush!

  2. Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog- I think you should buy the Missoni jacket! I’m wearing my long green Missoni cardy as type- $300 down from $2000!!!!! I don’t mind if things aren’t current season at all xx

    • Oh FF, I knew you were omnipotent but that was fast! I didn’t end up getting it; I thought it was that or a visit to New York’s diamond district and the baubles won. Also I kept imagining wearing it to the opera or ballet – places I never go! But I agree: classics are forever. Thank you for the advice and I’ll keep my fingers crossed to find something at Target. xR

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