More in the way of Acquisitions.

The Honeymoon and the Acquiring continue. Buzz and I are currently in Chicago, which is full to the brim of breathtaking buildings and a has a very Londonesque feel. We’ve been through Portland too since my last post on Acquisitioning, where we were lucky enough to view the Colombia Gorge from a lookout, spend time with very old family friends, and sample far far too much of the local brewing.

It was also in Portland that Buzz and I were introduced to the wonder that is Nordstrom Rack. We had already visited Nordstrom, an upmarkety department store, in LA and San Francisco, and were highly impressed and jealous of the the outstanding customer service. Take note Myer and DJs! Nordstrom Rack is Nordstrom’s ugly but much more cost efficient stepsister. I have snaffled some excellent bargains at Nordstrom Rack, and were I a leather-wearer, my suitcase would be bursting at its seams with designer bags and shoes too. The price reductions are substantial, and even moreso for us.

And so … to the purchases.

My denim desires continued, and at Nordstrom Rack I bought two pairs of Hudson straight leg jeans with Carly pockets, one pair in a medium blue and one in black. At $176 reduced to $99 each, they were a snip of the $250+ I saw Hudsons for in a local boutique before I left. I love the flap pockets and the Union Jack detail, and the denim is ultra-superdooper-soft and comfortable. The pairs I bought have two buttons but are similar to the images below.

Hudon Straight Leg Jeans with Carly Pocket
Hudson Carly Pocket.

Given that certain items such as shoes, boots, winter coats and handbags are so hard to find without animal content, when I find something I like and that is decent quality I tend to give myself a bit of latitude about buying it. Very convenient arrangement really. I really liked the olive colour, gold hardware and quality PVC (yes such a thing exists) of this Steve Madden handbag. It’s also big enough to stash a few extra goodies so is perfect for Melbourne’s usual weather which requires that you cart around sunglasses, an umbrella, an extra layer of clothes, and a book. (Please forgive the yellow tint; I’m trying to photograph in surprisingly dim hotel light).

Steve Madden handbag.

I was looking for a bracelet to complement a dress I bought for a friend’s upcoming wedding (no pics of that one – you’ll have to wait for the full reveal!). The dress is various shades of periwinkle, aqua and blue with gold highlight flecks and a gold and brown brocade on the straps. As I intend to crack out the diamonds for this wedding, which are all set in white gold, I needed a statement piece to tie in the yellow gold of the dress and the white gold of my jewellery (it’s bollocks you can’t wear them together; it’s all in the execution).

This Kate Spade chunky ‘Lynx’ bracelet from Nordstrom does the trick, using ivory and black to complement cooler colours and yellow gold and tortoiseshell to play up warmth. According to the website, it’s resin and 14 karat light gold plating (what is light gold??). Combined with my white gold and citrine RHR, it makes those golds play nicely together. So far I’ve managed to wear it with every outfit I’ve put on since I bought it, so it’s proving its mettle (or metal …) very well. It will also work with my darlings, my Tom Ford Rickie sunglasses in chocolate enamel and pale rose gold. Can’t wait to put the whole thing together and fingers crossed it will all meld together as well in real life as it does in my head!

Kate Spade bracelet.
Kate Spade bracelet.

Have I told you that I love a bit of lurex? I love a bit of lurex. I bought this cheap but fabulous light gold sweatshirt-top thing from Old Navy for a song. It’s like a pimped up tracky top. Boo-yah.

Old Navy lurex jumper.
Old Navy Lurex jumper.

It’s no secret that I love blazers; it’s the School Captain in me. I bought this BCBG Max Azria one from Nordstrom Rack, where it was slyly hidden in one of their monstrously overstuffed racks. I really like the pocket details, the nod to the trenchcoat, and cropped length. In real life it’s a browny-grey but is a better colour than that sounds.

BCBG Max Azria blazer.
BCBG Max Azria blazer – pocket detail.
BCBG Max Azria blazer – sleeve detail.
BCBG Max Azria blazer – back detail.

This one’s for you Erin! Old Navy giraffe print scarf – surprisingly versatile. I love an animal print used as a neutral; it makes me feel like Joan Collins.

Old Navy giraffe print scarf.

And finally … drum roll please … cue the trumpets, Maestro … the piece de resistance …

My new Burberry frock coat in olive sateen. Love love love – loved the price (It was in the region of “CanyoubelieveitnoIcan’tthat’sthemagicofNordstromRack”); the sizing (oh those Americans with their big food portions and little clothing sizes); the fit (long enough to be reminiscent of a full trench but short enough to wear as an inside coat);  and how I just know this will be a wardrobe go-to staple for years to come. On a cost-per-wear basis I estimate that over the years I will get it down to about, say, something small enough to dance on the head of a pin.  Now please allow me the indulgence of bombarding you with photos.

Poor photo but most accurate colour.

Shoulder detail.
Burberry pocket detail.
Love that sizing.

Oh sigh. I can’t wait to take this baby for a spin.


6 thoughts on “More in the way of Acquisitions.

  1. Linga linga linga…if you were able to come to my Golden Jubilee afternoon tea in November ( to celebrate me being a Golden Jubilee even though your mum looks younger than me and she really shouldn’t for self-esteem protection of youngest siblings who have a really hard time of it anyway) well…you could wear it all then. Yes, and dandy that would be.Gorgeous, and delightful. You are now also a Mrs B; fun isn’t it?

  2. Hi Rachel
    I love your new wardrobe.
    You may neeed another suitcase to bring it all home.
    Is Luke buying new gear? You will both look amazing .
    Can’t wait to see you modeling your new pieces.
    xoxo Marg

    • I actually went into the Kate Spade shop here in Boston yesterday, and the SAs went wile over the bracelet. Insaid it was one of theirs, and they asked if it was a few seasons old. Hmph. Insaid I bought it last week and that it is still on the KS website … they knew nothing about it! So it might be worth having a squid at the website before you go in to the shop just to see the whole range. The clothes are swoonworthy!

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