The Acquisitions

I am nothing if not efficient. My “To Purchase” list is largely complete within Week 1 of La Honeymoon – with cash and time to spare. And to be clear, as an Advocate of Responsible Acquisition, all Acquisitions were purchased with cash and no credit cards were harmed in the making of this post.

Without further ado, here are the Acquisitions so far:


I was after, attentive readers may recall, denim of brands that are either unavailable or prohibitively pricey in Aus. My other requirements are: low-waisted (those of us apples with bellies do not appreciate being tourniqueted in two by high risers); dark-ish; not scruffy; and legs that are either skinny but not too skinny or straight but not on the bootcut side. Further, any leather embellishments render them un-vegan and therefore o.u.t.

True Religion ‘Julie’

These True Religion ‘Julies’ have already proved their mettle, softening comfortably after I was convinced into vainly purchasing a size down. They’re a thicker weight denim but have been fine to wear in low-20s temperatures. I love the buttoned-down pockets. (PSA: Buy True Religion in the States for about half what you’d pay in Melbourne).

True Religion ‘Julie’

I have mixed feelings about Guess. On the one hand, they produce a lot of non-leather handbags and wallets, meaning I can shop other places than the Target accessories section (which is fine, but not exclusively). I also happily bought my favourite evaaaaah white and navy striped with red contrast stitching blazer from there. Add to this column a lot of wing-tip eyeliner on their models, always a plus for me. On the other: I can’t get over a certain ickiness. I feel a little too old, a little under-blinged in their stores. Fine, a lot too old.

Guess Daredeveil (with a lil’ bling)

But I did like these ‘Daredevil’ jeans, which have – horror of restrained elegance horror – a blinged up front button and little butt patch. It’s not overboard and I think could work evening-wise. I haven’t worn them yet but as I again went a size down, I’m hoping there will be another adequate stretch.

Guess ‘Daredeveil’ – and a sparkly bottom


I couldn’t resist. I know that in certain circles Crocs elicit cries of revulsion, but these are cute. OK? They’re cute. And comfy, which is exactly what I needed after 8 hours of tramping around.

Crocs ‘Adrina’ flats

I also bought a $20 pair of metallic ballet flats from Old Navy which don’t really merit a photo, and a giraffe-print $12 scarf from the same which I love and which has proven very useful in San Francisco’s miserably chilly winds.

Toy Watch ‘Plasteramic’ with crystal

I’d been planning to buy a chunky, plasticy-ceramicy watch, maybe in white, and didn’t want to spend to much on a ‘fun’ watch. I had a good look around brands which are affordably priced in the US like Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs, and flipflopped between clear plastic, rose gold and chronograph styles, and even a blond plastic tortoiseshell. After lusting after a ceramic Michele watch with diamonds, I happily settled on this Toy Watch. My friend gifted herself a Toy Watch as a push-present-to-self, and I’ve liked their fun aesthetic since. On this model I liked the small bling adding some interest without really cranking up the sparkle (I have this thing that overly blinged pieces make your real bling look fake. I’m like that). Incidentally, this was about 60-70% of what I would expect to be charged at home – my new policy is that it’s tacky to talk money except when you’re pointing out price-gouging.

Gucci ‘GG1933’

Speaking of bling, how’s that gold?! My case doesn’t look like that, but my sunnies do. I wanted a pair of aviators – a classic style – but with a bit of freshness. I often go for white in accessories but you have to be very very careful – it’s a fine line between the Riviera and Fountain Gate. This pair combine the classic Gucci patch in a colourway I wear often – navy, white and red – and fit my face well.

Tragically (yes, forget the newspapers – this is the real tragedy of the day), on their second outing I dropped this pair face down in a toilet stall under the Santa Monica pier. Scratches. Whining. Boo hoo. I returned to the store hoping they could help with something, even though it was very clearly all my fault. The lovely owner of Ottica on Sunset Boulevard, Garen, not only offered to replace the scratched lenses with a better quality pair for cost price, but on hearing that we were leaving LA the next morning, he cut them on the spot. All I lost was a little Gucci mark on the top corner, and gained a whole lot of gratefulness for Garen’s excellent service. Ottica are happy to ship internationally so feel free to contact them if you’d like to buy (no kickback for me here; just paying it forward).

Tom Ford ‘Rickie’

Ahh Tom Ford. I have been devoted to your signature cross-over nose thingy for … let me count … about five years now. Indeed, until early this year when a gorgeous pair of Chloes reduced ridiculously in the sales finally tempted me, I have worn no other style. I have bought countless knockoffs, spending far more than a real pair would have cost, and in fact in New York in 2008 I was unable to pass any imitation I passed. They all broke. Serve me right.

Tom Ford ‘Rickie’

So I couldn’t pass these ‘Rickies’. Thrill at them. Marvel at them. The chocolate enamel (don’t you think blondes are often better off with browns than blacks?). The not-too-yellow, not-entirely-rose metalwork. They fit me like a glove and make me feel like I’m a million times more chic and mysterious than I sadly am. I do no regret these or their pricetag for a moment and intend to be buried in them.

And finally … drumroll …

I’ve wanted a colourful cocktail righthand ring (a RHR) for a while, and had intended to hit up NYC’s Diamond District a la Lilian Harlow (although without the Fairy Great Aunt) until I passed a small jewellery store in San Francisco.

I saw.

I enquired.

I beat a strategic retreat.

I thought.

I researched.

I compared.

I kept thinking.

I returned.

I tried on.

I enquired again.

I obtained a hefty discount. Heftier than I’d been prepared to settle for.

I didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

We’re very happy together.

My precioussssss

Sorry about the poor iPhone photos; I am not actually jaundiced  nor do I know why the pictures are different sizes.

That’s a hand-set RHR with a citrine. Yes not a very precioussss stone, but the colour, which Buzz and I have determined to be between ale and lager, goes very well with my two favoured colour schemes to wear, olive-neutrals and navy-white-red. A very dear friend of mine recently received an incredibly beautiful RHR with a gorgeous light green stone – a colour I love – and I really didn’t want to copy her special ring, so I am very happy with my could-be-neutral yellow.

I love the setting – the detail, the shoulders, the halo. I am very pleased that the angularity of the emerald cut is softened by the positioning of the claws and the slight rounding of the edges of the halo (much as the cushion cut in my engagement ring is between round and rectangular). The clean, solid lines of the cut are offset by the roundness and delicacy of the setting. The quality of the setting is excellent (in my untutored but picky opinion) and it’s not so big as to look either A) improbable or B) like it’s my e-ring’s conqueror.

It’s actually a miracle I’ve been able to type at all given how much I gaze at it.

That’s all the Acquisitions for now. Buzz has also been giving it a good crack, stocking up on all the comics and geek paraphernalia he can’t get at home. More purchasing to come and be posted!


10 thoughts on “The Acquisitions

  1. *FAINTS* Oh my goodness what a BEAUTIFUL ring! It’s absolutely breathtaking! I love the colour and the cut and the beautiful halo and the design and… the sparkle. You must be a million shades of thrilled 🙂 It’s like a little ray of sunshine captured just for you. I’m sure that every time you look at it, it’ll take you back to your spectacular honeymoon in San Fran too.

    Is it weird that as I was reading through your post I almost passed out when I saw you mention my “name”? Such a surprise, but nothing compared to the gorgeous photos that followed 😉

    Loving your purchases and loving living vicariously as well 😀

  2. Thank you Lilian! My purchasing adventure had nothing on yours but I’m still planning to check out the NYC diamond district .. purely for curiosity’s sake you understand! ;p
    I love your description of my ring as a little ray of sunshine … it is so apt!

  3. Actually, I think a great big ol’ ray of sunshine would be even more apt 😉

    Have an amazing time in NYC, I’m glad that you missed the “lock down” for Irene! I was thinking about you because I thought you may have been there then. Hopefully the sun is shining in the sky as much as on your finger when you’re there 😉

  4. Beautiful RHR! You must be so thrilled 🙂 The Deco-inspired setting is lovely too! I am a big sucker for a citrine – anything in that yellow spectrum actually. Don’t know whether I’ll end up with an eternity style or cocktail style next, but it will definitely involve either yellow diamonds, citrines or maybe champagnes/cognacs. I’ve tried on a yellow/white diamond eternity ring at Pilkington’s and am quite in love!

    Happy honeymoon and well done on all of the great purchases!

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