Born in the USA

I’m writing on my iPhone in San Francisco, while Buzz wanders happily around the Cartoon Art Museum, so please forgive any stilted language or typos.

We’ve been on honeymoon for a week today, and off work for a fortnight tomorrow, and boy could I get used to this! The most luxurious thing is spending 24 hours anday with my husband, who I practice calling my husband at every available opportunity. Sass (at – I can’t seem to linky on this)once said that the best thing about being married is that it really is happily ever after, and she was right. Being married is different and very special and now I’m getting soppy.

So let’s ditch the dewy-eyed mooning and get on to the important stuff. The shopping here is fabulous. Cheap as chips, plentiful, competitive, fanatic service (pay heed DJs and Myer), and one of the best things about Buzz is that he loves to shop too. Yes blah blah we’re doing cultural things and seeing the sights, but we are also enjoying our shared hobby.

I came with a wishlist, which I’ve mostly fulfilled. I wanted some ‘good’ jeans of brands thy we can’t get in Australia (or for which we pay an utterly absurd amount which I refuse to do); a fun chunky watch to complement my good Raymond Weil watch; a right hand ring (I had set my sights on New York’s diamond district but got waylaid – more on that later); and sunnies for the same reasons of variety and price. Check! I adore everything I’ve bought and will show you it all later on. Let me just say: Fellow Australians! Take to the skies! Or the Interwebs! Spend your dollar where it buys better! Pay what Our American cousins pay and reject the price-gouging! No import tax, no shipping costs and certainly no retail costs can justify a 150% markup (especially when the same goods are shipped from China).

A fully photographed, annotated post to follow.


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