A Little Ray of Sunshine (in my cutlery drawer).

Ooooh! Buzz and I received a very gorgeous, exciting and cheerful wedding present today from one of my beautiful bridesmaids. I am just thrilled to bits by them!

My lovely set! Sorry about the iPhone quality pics, but check out that rainbow!


Sassiest wrote a very interesting piece on the provenance of the Laguiole style of knifemaking, and as a history buff I was intrigued by the detail and attention to quality inherent in this artisan craft. However, as a bone handle and a hearty steak knife aren’t top of my personal cutlery priority list, I know I will just be shivering with excitement to use these colourful darlings! How could you not open the cutlery drawer and feel just a little bit cheerier than you did before you soaked up these rays of sunshine.


A more profesh shot.


Look at that rainbow!


Now I'm just uploading these for fun.

Thank you, thank you, my gorgeous Jose. May there be lunches and picnics and tea parties and long boozy dinners with these lovelies, all with you, for many years to come.


9 thoughts on “A Little Ray of Sunshine (in my cutlery drawer).

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I have major cutlery envy right now *swoons*. My Nana had a lovely set of this cutlery (no idea which brand or quality they were, though they were quite old and beautiful) which had been one of her wedding presents! I’m sure that you and your friends and family will share as many wonderful memories with your gorgeous set as she did šŸ™‚

    I just love the rainbow of colours. There’s something terribly special about it and what an amazing wedding present. I think a dining table set with these beauties will just look joyous even before anyone sits down and before the first tipple is served!

  2. Unfortunately, the real Laguiole does not have flatware. There are many “legal counterfeits” out there from France and other places, because the original Laguiole didn’t get a trademark or patent on their products. I got an education on this a few weeks ago in Chinon, where i bought my knives from an official merchant.

    • Hi Christine,
      Thanks for your comment šŸ™‚ I’m a bit confused by what you mean – do you mean that there is a brand ‘Laguiole’ that hasn’t trademarked its name and doesn’t make flatware, or that you bought Laguoile-style flatware from a branded cutler such as Jean Dubrost? I thought that Laguiole referred to the region in which this style of flatware was made, and a non-authentic version is like the ones I have above which is the Debutante brand and not in the same category as Jean Dubrost. Thanks for any clarification!

      • From what I have been told and have read, even Dubost is not the original. I got quite an education in Chinon. Forge de Laguiole is the original in Laguiole and comes from the midi-Pyrenees. The knives were modeled after Spanish hunting knives. The Dubost are from Puy de Dome in the center of the country, which is not in the Laguiole region. Forge de Laguiole only makes knives and a corkscrew or two, no flatware. I only found this out because I stayed at a Chambres D’Hotes in Provence that had the flatware. I loved it and was hoping I would see it to purchase it. I particularly liked the knives and i was certainly in the market for new ones. I then moved on to another wine tour at a Chambres D’Hotes in the Loire Valley. One of the ladies who owns that Chambres D’Hotes took me to Chinon where she thought they carried Laguiole. But she had also told me their were a lot of counterfeits, but this place was very reputable. As it turned out, this store, Confluences, is an official stockist/retailer/reseller for Forge de Laguiole. This is their website:
        http://www.forge-de-laguiole.com. The proprietaires were quite adamant about the provenance issue of those claiming to be Laguiole. The ones at this site also show the ones that were commissioned by designers, much like Mouton-Rothschild commissions artists for their wine labels.

        I still really like the flatware, legal counterfeit or not. ; ) I will be in Paris, Beaune and Strasbourg in October for 4 weeks and will do a little more scouting. It seems even the ones sold at Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table aren’t the real deal. I know this is all confusing. I came across this quite by accident and innocently! The Pandora’s Box of Knives!

      • Wow, thank you Christine! That is so interesting. I still like the flatware too – it’s so cheery you can’t help but smile, but I’ll also definitely be taking a close look at the Forge de Laguiole for any other needs. I really appreciate your response and information and I hope you have a fabulous trip – it sounds just incredible! Cheers, Rachel

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