Who? What? When? Where? And why?

Hello and welcome!

In this bumper edition we’ll tackle the biggies: quantum physics, neurosurgery, intergalactic travel and enlightenment.

Or, if those a little passe for you, we might start with: Who is Miss T? What is A Place for Everything? What is this blog about and why should you keep reading?

Who is Miss T?
That’s me! I’m Rachel Templeman, an early-30s something Melbourne-dwelling urbanite and I am the founder of A Place for Everything (more on that below!). I love coffee, good food, good company, relaxing surroundings and having a good sniff around the shops. I am happily engaged to the lovely Buzz (but only for 19 more days and then we’ll be married!) and am the very proud and indulgent mama of three adorable and often quite naughty furkids – Sam the Chihuahua, and Tom and Bertie the cats. I currently work in government in policy, and have a keen interest in current events, social media and just what’s going on in general (I have previously blogged at Miss T – Princess Vegan if you want to check out what else interests me).

And because like everyone I love to talk about myself, here is one of those most annoyingly amusing email-froward-thingamabobs to help you get to know the real and genuine me (or in fact just the superficial bits which is what these quizzes find, but I got this one from Oprah so it’s bound to be a little more ‘meaningful’!):

Who was your favourite celebrity as a child? Mr T, and not just because we share the same surname initial. I loved the A-Team and he was my hero. When the A-Team DVDs were re-released my dad and I worked our way through the first few seasons reminiscing and singing along to the theme song – real father-daughter bonding!

What is your favourite color? Dark hot pink really, but I use it sparingly because I am fully aware of how a grown woman accessorised solely in fuchsia appears. I love sagey-greens and can’t resist a bit of nautical navy and white action.

Every time I think I’m a diehard neutrals fan I see a display like this and I realise that colour makes my heart sing!

What word describes you best? I would hate to be able to be summed up in just one word. Words that mean a lot to me include compassion, order, generosity, honour and awareness, but I like to think that I am a lot more complex and nuanced than that!

And these words. They’re appropriate too.

Where do you like to vacation? My favourite place is Somers on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. My grandparents lived there when I was a kid, so it holds many happy memories, and nowadays Buzz and I are lucky enough to stay there with friends in a beautiful and very special location … and it has to be my favourite place now because it’s where Buzz proposed!

My favourite place in the world (international edition). Thousands of years of history beneath your feet.

Who do you admire? This man.

What traits in others are you attracted to? People who are self-aware, independent thinkers, kind and interested in the world are the type if people I am drawn to. A bit of dry humour tends to help too, and the ability to laugh at oneself is essential.

How do you want to be remembered? As person who lived a good and happy life, helped where she could, and left bright, well-adjusted, interested, interesting, kind and polite children behind (and if I’m being completely honest: someone with immaculate taste, impeccable manners and who loved a stiff drink and a dirty joke!).

So true – when we are relaxed we are us.

What is A Place for Everything?

A Place for Everything is my secret vehicle for world domination new and very exciting (to me anyway) business. I am channelling my skills and desire to declutter, organise, put things away and run a well-oiled household into something that I can use to help others.

You’ll find I have an intense devotion to Ikea’s Expedit. I think it may be the Messiah.

To my mind, life is for living and enjoying. It’s not for paying through the nose for overdue bills, not being able to find what you need and know you have, doing mad last-minute loads of laundry because you have no clean knickers, or forgetting to show up for important events. It’s not being unable to relax in your own home because you feel overwhelmed with stuff and things you need to do but haven’t because you don’t know where to start. It’s not dreading opening the door to ‘that room’ (if you ever dare at all) or being unable to enjoy the space and things you love because you can’t see them.

In organising terms this means: think about what we can create!

An organiser can help make life and living smoother and easier. I can help you clear things out, find homes for what you have, and develop systems to help run your household in a way that will suit your home and your life. The name A Place for Everything reflects my primary organising belief – you can’t put something away if doesn’t have a home! My aim in working with you is not just to help you identify a place for everything, but to give you the tools so that you can keep everything in its place once I’m gone.

This is on my personal organisational wishlist – a lovely laundry!

I am a new business and I don’t plan for A Place for Everything to become a fully-fledged Death Star empire for quite a while as I work towards developing solid and sound business model and resources (although if you are a publisher wishing to offer me a multi-bajillion dollar contract to start writing books about organising right now, I’m your girl!). However, I am absolutely available to help you if you need it –just send me an email or leave me a message here. I’d be happy to help!

And this is on my one-day-when-I’m-very-very-rich organisational wishlist!

What are you going to do with this blog if you are still building your business?
As I go about setting up A Place for Everything I will keep you posted about how I’m going, and hopefully be able to seek your input on crazy hare-brained crackpot schemes ideas I have. I’ll also be posting just bits and pieces that interest me, or shinyshiny things that attract me like a magpie. Pictures, thoughts, shopping, cooking, drinking, going out, staying in, time with friends, homemaking … all these things are wonderful, lovely life and this is where I’ll share mine!

Thank you for coming by and if you come back I’ll owe you a coffee!


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